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New Thomas Street, BS2 0HZ Bristol


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08:00 - 16:00


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09:00 - 14:00

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Collection was said to be from 'Bristol Temple Meads' on 'Station Approach', with its own postcode. I was driven there in a car - through traffic and one way systems. There was no Sixt branch there. Totally misleading and daft.

Collect and drop off are actually at the same location! Why don't they stop calling it 'Temple Meads' and just call it what it is? By the time I got there to collect the car, I had been stuck in traffic, had my time wasted on a wild goose chase to the train station, totally cheesed off and then faced with a very nice and cheerful staff member who I did not have the heart to take it out on. I was polite to him, but some people won't be and Sixt are exposing their staff to the annoyance of many customers when it is avoidable. Not fair on them.

I noticed that the customer over at the next counter was in EXACTLY the same situation - very frustrated, annoyed, and having wasted time in traffic going to Bristol Temple Meads Station Approach. A terrible start to the transaction. I'm still annoyed almost a week later.

Everything else was good. Vehicle was lovely.

3 other comments:

1) The Van had only one front seatbelt - until we dug around and found the second point trapped under the seat - but that should have been checked and was not at all obvious.

2) There was no contact number ANYWHERE on the various emails and materials - when I was cheesed off at Temple Meads, I tried to ring the branch to ask for help - but there was no number anywhere. That suggests nobody has time to deal with telephone enquiries. That suggests not enough staff and that some bright spark decided to just abandon providing any sort of telephone help.

3) Lack of telephone number was not ideal during the hire. You couldn't ask anything - you just had to hope. The seatbelt issue was one such thing.


The Centre branch is on New Thomas Street. You get there by going to New Thomas Street. It has its own post code. Just forget the 'Temple Meads' branch nonsense - and forget about 'Station Approach' because there is nothing there to do with Sixt except confusion, annoyance and another drive through the lovely Bristol Traffic.